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The Coalition/Center Advancing Innovation and Technology ( is a tax-exempt 501C3/C4 non-profit.



Catai Solutions, LLC

20130 Lakeview Center Plaza, Suite 400
Ashburn, VA 20147, USA


What We Do

What we do:

We orchestrate improvements in communities and technology at many levels, including:

  • Intelligence gathering on needs, requirements, and scope
  • Shape budget, financing options
  • Inform review process, criteria and timetable
  • Cultivate champions and partnerships

Together, they form the key elements of our stakeholder engagement.

Organize local workshops

We engage local leaders from a variety of business sectors, from all levels of government and from a diversity of agencies.   Each quarter we facilitate targeted local workshops so we can learn, educate, and design plans to address critical needs.

Educate policymakers

We educate decision-makers on key issues and champion impactful initiatives through digital media and communications, advancing thought leadership and spearheading community education forums.

Public & private partnerships (P3)

Launching and funding new deployable and integrated platforms, is hard, complex and deliberative.  We work step by step with partners and look to take inventory of a diversity of funding streams, from private sector financing to philanthropic programs to government investment, to foster success.

Guide & direct research

White-papers, beta-testing, and demonstrations are often crucial to formal adoption of solutions ,especially in government markets.  We have a network of researches and practitioners capable of stewarding this work.

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