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The Coalition/Center Advancing Innovation and Technology ( is a tax-exempt 501C3/C4 non-profit.



Catai Solutions, LLC

20130 Lakeview Center Plaza, Suite 400
Ashburn, VA 20147, USA

The Coalition/Center Advancing Innovation and Technology ( is a tax-exempt 501C3/C4 non-profit.

We offer technical guidance, education, and expertise for commercial and federal partners, and stakeholders in state, local, and education (SLED) markets to learn and leverage the benefits of IoT development for consumers and taxpayers.

Opportunities on the Horizon

City of Boston: The City created buzz late in 2017 with its Smart City/IoT RFI. Response from industry overflowed the procurement office’s inbox and exceeded expectations.  AT&T and General Electric proposed the city deploy a network of 15,000 smart street lights that include optical, acoustic and environmental sensors to minimize traffic collisions, improve traffic flow, reduce crime, and enable a “living lab” to draw outside funding and talent. The proposal would generate more than 4,000 new jobs and generate $7.5 billion, according to the vendor.


Florida: Since 1980 the U.S. has sustained more than 200 weather and climate disasters, with cumulative costs exceeding $1.1 trillion.   In light of last year’s impact, Florida and federal officials have expressed interest in establishing systems that connect local data to government responders. Technical teams could deploy sensors that send web-linked data to a digital command center that government officials can access remotely while at the scene  In order to optimize effectiveness, agencies should place web-linked sensors on physical assets such as levees, bridges, and utility poles to monitor risk factors such as rising water levels in low-lying areas and to alert authorities when there’s an issue with critical infrastructure.


New Jersey: New Jersey’s new Governor Phil Murphy has made establishing “innovation” hubs a signature goal of his administration’s effort to revitalize the state’s economy and infrastructure. Towards those ends, last month, Governor Murphy signed legislation that will provide a $300M subsidy if clean energy standards are met.  Industries and municipalities with the state’s Board of Public Utilities are mobilizing quickly to adopt smart solutions to monitor and reach these new mandates.


Trends in U.S. Cities: Mayors in Houston, San Antonio, Dallas, Las Vegas, Phoenix, San Diego, Philadelphia, Detroit, Seattle, Albuquerque, Oklahoma City, Kansas City, Indianapolis, St. Louis, Durham, Louisville, Providence, are all in early and mid-stage development cultivating “Innovation Districts” as a hub and showcase for IoT platforms in their respective cities.

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