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The Coalition/Center Advancing Innovation and Technology ( is a tax-exempt 501C3/C4 non-profit.



Catai Solutions, LLC

20130 Lakeview Center Plaza, Suite 400
Ashburn, VA 20147, USA


About Us

The Coalition/Center Advancing Innovation and Technology ( is a tax-exempt 501C3/C4 non-profit.

We offer technical guidance, education, and expertise for commercial and federal partners, and stakeholders in state, local, and education (SLED) markets to learn and leverage the benefits of IoT development for consumers and taxpayers. actively engages with decision-makers in both the public and private sector to help empower the intelligent transformation of governments and businesses and distill solutions redefining experiences in urban, rural or more hard to reach austere environments.


Our team and network includes senior leaders from multiple states, local governments, and respected companies with expertise spearheading complex initiatives and integrations, with deep experience across verticals and major areas of policy.

Areas of focus

Smart Cities

Readiness/Connected Battlefield

Grid Intelligence

Secure Energy

Safe Cities

Smart Farming

Connected Vehicles

Digital Health/Telemedicine

E-Procurement/Smart Supply Chain

Industrial Internet

Championing Solutions At The Edge

Whether in rural environments, dense urban theaters or in NFL cities, improving communications for warfighters, consumers, commuters, public and emergency personnel is paramount to our mission and focus.  We want to assure communities of all sizes can effectively adapt and maximize the best of modern tech and gear.

Educating Stakeholders On Trusted Solutions Lowering The Total Cost of Ownership

We believe in trusted solutions that maximize security and effectiveness, so taxpayers and private investment lower the total cost of ownership and improve durability for consumers, end-users and government partners .

Supporting Innovation and Knowledge Jobs

Collectively, our  partners employ more than two hundred thousand people working across the nation, including veterans of the armed forces and a diversified workforce of hi-skilled workers, engineers, technicians, specialists and leaders from across industry.   We remain vigilant in cultivating the state of the art in design and in proven platforms, to encourage and support knowledge jobs for the future.

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