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Case Studies

Connected Battlefield

Advancing readiness at the edge

By using edge computing and deployable platforms, we’ve learned the military is better able to understand how to collect, store and correlate data to make military actions safer and “connect the battlefield,” capable of gathering and transmitting data from many sources back to analytics and command centers. Moreover, preliminary analysis of edge use-cases within the defense and security community shows sizable cost-savings, greater mobility, and improved cyber-security and capacity. As stated in the National Defense Strategy (NDS) and emphasized the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), “increasingly complex security environment are defined by rapid technological change, (with) challenges from adversaries in every operating domain.” In this environment, “there can be no complacency.” (The National Defense Strategy 2018).

Clean water during Hurricane Irma

Continuity of Critical Service

Leveraging  IoT and smart applications in Florida, during Hurricane Irma, our partners rapidly deployed solutions  working with local leaders and federal agencies. Innovative technology reinforced critical power,  infrastructure, and water systems in the Florida keys restoring clean water to vulnerable communities. In Puerto Rico, solutions augmented the islands public safety network, providing support to emergency personnel, first responders, residents and law enforcement.

Public Service

Continuity of Critical Service

Cisco along with Klas Telecom stewarded disaster relief efforts of Hurricane Maria, for two key Puerto Rico Police and Emergency Management  Agency sites. Their relief efforts provided real-world basic communications capabilities leveraging baseband and satcom backhaul for two remote sites giving the State Emergency Management Team the ability to communicate across the island and back to the US Mainland. This collaborative effort has resulted in opening up channels to manage logistics and provide real-time common operational reports and updates

Green Vision

San Jose, California

The city of San José and Intel Corporation are collaborating on a public-private partnership to further the city’s “Green Vision” goals. The project, known as Smart Cities USA, is expected to help drive San José’s economic growth, foster 25,000 clean-tech jobs, create environmental sustainability and enhance the quality of life for residents.