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The Advantage

Why What We Do Matters:  The Benefits of IoT

A number of governments and industries are already finding that IoT offers improvements in areas safety, efficiency, data-driven decision making and infrastructure. Economic growth, regulatory compliance and cost-reduction are huge driving factors behind IoT adoption.  Catai Solutions is here to help you navigate upgrades and enhancements in the IoT.


We’ve already seen how the Energy Act in the U.S. accelerated efforts to improve energy consumption.  Meters with smart grid app support reached 454 million in 2016 and will double by 2020.


Other industries like food and agriculture are deploying sensors on an ever-widening scale to monitor key production conditions.  Demand is also steadily increasing for intelligent traffic and multimodal transportation solutions.  The benefits to IoT are clear and include:


  • Safety, Comfort, Efficiency: Imagine measuring and managing hazardous environments while juggling many factors. You must do this without putting people at risk. And don’t forget to optimize all physical environments for comfort and productivity.


  • Better Decision Making: If you can analyze larger trends from empirical data, you can make smarter decisions giving you data-backed visibility into every aspect of your operations and business.


  • Reduced Cost/ROI and Revenue Generation: The economic impact and benefits of the IoT will be huge. Gartner predicts that the aggregated value and economic benefit of the IoT will exceed $1.9 trillion in the year 2020 alone.

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